Hypnotic Meditations



As a once hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner, I discovered how powerful the unconscious suggestions and empowerment to the mind can be in positively affecting all parts of the human ‘being’ — especially shifts in the emotional self and in actually changing the physiology (backed up by medical tests) of our physical bodies.


And the subtleties of energy and the spiritual components of the being began to enter my conscious awareness with the awakening of my psychic sense. I discovered how powerful meditation can be, focussing on energy because, if you follow it back with the esoteric or with science…this is what we are. Energy.

Hypntoic Meditation

And so I combined the two fields, although the crossovers are many, giving rise to the ‘Hypnotic Meditation’ descriptor of my tracks.

What is the claim of these tracks, especially medical ones?

I claim nothing. You decide.

These Hypnotic Meditations are energetic tracks (delivered through my voice and the music and beats in the backing track) layered with positive, metaphorical (which is more powerful to the unconscious than ‘literal’ suggestion) to the unconscious mind and the deep spiritual soul.

They are gifted as empowering — to you.

They are gifted as a catalyst — to you.

Backing Tracks

All the Hypnotic Meditations, unless otherwise stated, are backed with music that contains binaural Theta beats. These fall in line with our Theta brain waves that are prevalent in our states of deepest relaxation, meditation and …